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Made in Italy

Above the crystal clear waters that lap Monte Conero, there is a cultivation of Lavender that in the sunny days of summer colors the hills of a wonderful blue / violet, a real joy for anyone who is passing by.

Lavender, from the Latin "that serves to wash", already suggests in the ancient origin of its name the characteristics of this particular plant. Lavender offers us an incomparable service in the care of the body where it brings refreshment to irritation. Its fresh and camphor perfume has a balancing and relaxing effect both on the skin and in the emotions and tensions of everyday life.

We use in our produced the essential oil of Hybrid Lavender or Sink extracted from the cultivated plants, with the organic farming method, on Mount Conero at an altitude of about 500 m where the calcareous soil and the particular marine microclimate and the saltiness give it the characteristic aroma unique and highly appreciated by everyone.

Our products are all strictly made in Italy, created by skilled craftsmen, and environmentally friendly, made with natural ingredients, do not contain toxic ingredients or animal

The Precious Lavender of Conero

The beauty of Conero

Quality and Respect for the Environment: our products are all strictly made in Italy, created by skilled craftsmen. The ingredients are of natural origin and our products, environmentally friendly, do not contain toxic or animal ingredients.

From the crystalline waters that lap Monte Conero, once ravaged by ferocious pirates, comes a magical fragrance called "Acqua del Conero®", an essence that recalls the enchantment of the sea and the serenity of the sunsets from the smell of Lavender.

A unique Lavender, biologically cultivated on the hills of the Conero, to which the characteristic marine microclimate gives a very special olfactory aroma appreciated by everyone.

Olfactory Brand

Acqua del Conero has been elected OLFACTORY BRAND by the ENTIRE RIVIERA DEL CONERO which deals with activities of promotion, training and hospitality in our beautiful land.